Best Guide About Communication Media 2022


What is Communication Media?

This is the means or channel of transferring data from the sender to receiver. Communication media points at the verbal or non verbal language that aids in communication. In telecommunication these are transmission and storage tools to relay the message to the intended recipient. Data can be transmitted from one computer terminal to the central computer or to other computer systems inside some kind of network. There are two major forms of communication media: Analog and Digital. Analog includes conventional radio, telephonic and television transmissions while the Digital form is Computer-mediated communication, computer networking and telegraphy. The most commonly used data connection is Wire pairs, Coaxial cable, Microwave transmission, Communication satellites and Fiber optics. 

Modes of Communication Media

Verbal :

when information is exchanged through words. This includes both oral and written communication.

Oral :

Anything that is through word of the mouth for instance conversations, telephone talk, interviews, presentations and meetings. In language speech takes precedence over writing which is why it is the more important of the two types. Thus it is oral communication which is the building block of relationships such as keeping in touch with colleagues, friends, family or employees. The significance of face to face conversation cannot be overemphasized for it helps eliminate any misunderstanding through revealing the other person’s tone and expression so their true emotions are transparent. 

Types of Oral Communication:

In person conversation

This is perhaps the most preferred form of communication between any two individuals or a close-knit community at lectures, small discussions or lectures. There is immediate response and clarification is always the top most priority to allow smooth flow of viewpoints from both sides. It is both formal and informal – either a professional meeting with your office team regarding business plan updates or a private talk with your family members living abroad. 


It is delivered in a formal setting and the speakers are fully prepared on the specific topic under discussion. A presentation through Powerpoint can be either virtual or physical. In times of social distancing it is convenient to gather a large audience at the assigned time before their screens. They can simultaneously listen and watch the presenter speak while showing the bullet points online. Hence the viewers can process the information just the same way if the presenter was right in front of them.  At the end of the presentation, the speaker is obliged to answer all the questions of the audience and he is fully responsible to make sure that all aspects of the topic under discussion are understood by the people watching and hearing. His communication skills should be varied and appealing so that the audience remains engaged without zoning out mid presentation. 

Public Speech

A public speech, lecture or debate be it through microphones or not is always face to face. For instance in a public meeting in a large hall or open air space, the distance between the speaker and audience may increase depending on the bulk of the audience present. The primary purpose of a public speech is to convince, spread awareness and inspire the audience through effective gestures, body language and frequency of one’s voice. Even though the speaker is not aware of the audience’s feedback since their facial expressions are difficult to detect in a crowded setting, it is the applause at the end of the speech that speaks volumes about how the listeners received your deliverance. There are no questions following the speech unlike a presentation and the speaker’s skill is assessed through his use of microphone and spoken content in how well he has performed. 


The only mode of communication here is voice without the added advantage of physical presence. Hence it is vital that your words are straightforwardly articulated with the utmost clarity and vigor. What’s more is that there may even be misconceptions in similar sounding words and addresses or telephone numbers are oftentimes wrongly communicated via telephone calls. Hence it is necessary that you highlight the spellings of words such as B for brown etc. Nevertheless, calls may be a quicker and more intimate form of communication in comparison to instant messaging. Both the parties can save time and effort which is used while typing to directly set a time for call when both the people or a group of people are all free. 


A person or panel of interviewers sit across an interviewee in either a virtual or physical setting to question him on various topics such as his biographical details, skills, weaknesses, motivation behind applying for a job or a post and thus to assess his commitment for being the perfect fit for their vacant position. Both sides of communication are formal and if the interviewee is a potential job applicant he must follow a set dress code and be cognizant of the fact that his register is formal when addressing the panelists. He must maintain eye contact and although he must be well-prepared and fluent, the interview should not seem rehearsed as such. In a very matter-of-fact but respectful tone he should prove to the inquirers why he is the best candidate available. 


This can be both virtual or in-person and consists of many members like a chairperson or group leader who is responsible for maintaining discipline and proper order at the meeting. Moreover there is a fixed agenda like the list of issues that need to be in the knowledge of all members of the committee. Every person can contribute their perspective on new business policies that need to be affected or changes in a mission plan that require the approval of a majority of teammates. These meetings can range from smaller group gatherings of four to five people to the larger conference calls of at least 50 people. Check this azypo also. These oral communications involve people listening attentively and taking notes while important issues are discuss in depth. The meeting times may even be numbered so it does not exceed the limit for which each person has signed up amidst their busy schedules.


This is any type of communication that makes use of written words. It is the most important type when it comes to business communication such as after a deal the company manager can send in the exact details of the contract along with SLAs or privacy policies to the client through written emails or texts so that no information is missed or lost. Company data, files and records are kept safe as written word on paper and stored in offices for further inquiry. Even though this may seem outdated in the mechanized world of software, keeping track of hardware copies is just as essential. Some important forms of written communication include email, Internet websites, letters, proposals, telegrams, faxes, postcards, contracts, advertisements, brochures, and news releases.

Types of Written Communication:


They have got to be the foremost business-like communication channels that serve multi purposes like approaching job candidates, sending documents, setting up meetings or appointments and updating everyone involved about any change in plans that need to be immediately enforced. Despite their apparent casualness your emails should appear and sound as professional as they can and be sure to direct it to all the parties included in business.

No member should be left out or everyone may not be on the same page and this can harm the unity and decorum of the office environment. Keeping each person up-to-date about the happenings will in turn make the work more productive and thus improve overall sales and profit. Write the topic of your email in the “Subject Area” and be sure not to make large paragraphs containing complex verbose sentences. Instead break down your information into smaller paragraphs or even better into bullet points. 


These are the documents that give the synopsis of upcoming projects, its goals and workings. The business clients and agencies submit such proposals to companies both international or multinational for approval on group projects and special assignments. If a marketing manager intends to perform product research he can send a well-crafted proposal to the research and development authorities and have his request approved on time. A proposal usually consists of one or two pages at most but be vigilant that some companies prefer a specific design layout for their proposal forms. Be very concise and clear about the project steps and tasks including the time. And costs required to complete the undertaking. 


Another valued form of business communication is report writing which can be addressed. To your employees to inform them about your business ventures. Even small updates like the financial department announcing the sales. And profits made in a specific time period in the financial report of a company. Reports are supposed to be brief with a very written introduction. Be very wise to include only key points about how you want to proceed with a plan. And then in the body paragraph of your report incorporate the details. Adding charts and graphs or other pictograms will enhance the visual understanding of the reader. And help him clear complex concepts. In addition, in the executive summary section remember to mention the key highlights and findings of your results. Also add a cover letter to your report to introduce it to managers or executives. 


This is the piece of literature that showcases your products and services to customers. These come in many forms, sizes and layouts. Essentially, they aid in advertising products and increasing sales by spreading the word about the company’s skills and workforce. Make your brochures reader-friendly by throwing in some funky writing formats. Vibrant colors and fonts that complement the type of services you are offering. Whether they are direct towards an audience that consists mostly of children, housewives, single-mothers, aged citizens or businessmen. Break up your brochure so there is plenty of blanks space. Hence it will make the content even more readable than before. 

Benefits of Social Media Communication

Expanding contact network

This is not just about connecting brands with their customers but also linking people online. You can enlarge your professional network by finding new role models. Mentors and colleagues worldwide without physical distances posing as a hurdle. This comes in handy when you are in search of some kind of opportunity. Or professional reference such as in research work or job market. 

Sharing your expertise

Communicating about what skills you possess and what you want to be known for is essential on social media. It will help attract both private and professional connections. By posting your achievements and successes you can have the opportunity. To be in the presence of more like-minded people who share the same interests as you. Sharing content that reflects your online presence and actions can help build credibility. People will see you in a more positive light and so the relationships. That you are building will be more authentic and valuable.

Produce visible content

When spending time on improving the quality of your content and honing your expertise. You will be guaranteed that your online presence is greatly visible. If your content is appreciate when more people share it according to their liking. You will win more support as a large audience will learn of your skills. You can win more exposure and spread the word about. What you are willing to offer to professional companies and recruiters. However, it is not all about posting your own content and waiting for others to engage with it. You must remember that this is a two-way business meaning. That you have to be receptive to other people’s content as well. This will help improve your relationships and more people will recognize your name based on your talents. 

Connect anytime

You will be give a chance to connect with other people. At any time of the day no matter where you are. It can be after or before any business conference, event or meeting. This way prior to any physical meetup you can make yourself. Familiar with the people you are about to correspond with.