How To Make Free Calls In UAE Without A VPN With This App


Staying connected with your friends and family back home when you’re living abroad can be challenging and expensive. Fortunately, with the help of the right app, you can now make free calls in UAE without a VPN! In this article, we’ll discuss how to easily and safely make free calls in UAE using an innovative new calling app, KalamTime.

Making Free Calls in UAE

If you’re looking for a way to make free calls in UAE without a VPN, KalamTime is the app for you. This app allows you to make free calls to any UAE number without a VPN. The app is available for Android and iPhone, and it’s effortless. 

Introduction to KalamTime

Free calling app in Dubai

KalamTime is a unique instant messaging application for you. KalamTime helps facilitate multi-party video and voice calls. Not just that, it also makes it easier for you to send texts, share audio messages, your location, contacts, documents, pictures, videos, and much more! 

Let’s see some of the significant features that set it apart from other apps!

Safe and Secure

Security is paramount to KalamTime. When you choose KalamTime, you’re selecting an instant messenger that prioritizes your safety. KalamTime employs state-of-the-art encryption technology to ensure that only you and the person you’re in contact with can see your messages and listen to your calls. Nobody, including KalamTime, can infringe on this.

Real-Time Translation

Have you ever needed instant translation while conversing with people that speak a different language from you? Thanks to KalamTime, you never have to worry about talking with people who speak a foreign language. You can translate every text message into a language of your choice with a simple click. KalamTime supports all the world’s major languages.

Text and Audio Conversion

With the KalamTime, life is easier than it has ever been. You can instantly listen to all text messages. And You can convert audio messages into text, allowing you to share the outputs with as many people as you wish. You can also type out texts and automatically have them turned into an audio message. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Edit Sent Messages

You cannot edit sent messages on most instant messaging apps, but with KalamTime, you can! Without sending an unnecessary alert to the receiver. You can now edit already sent messages sent to friends, family, business partners, and everyone in between, there’s nothing like the KalamTime experience, and you’ll love it.

Forward Messages like a Boss

With the KalamTime forwarding feature, you retain the rights to your messages because our app will show the owner of every forwarded message. It’ll also indicate when each forwarded message was originally sent.

Make New Friends, Maintain Current Relationships

Only a few instant massaging platforms help you make new connections and maintain existing ones, as KalamTime does. We’ve gone above and beyond to ensure that there are no barriers when finding new friends and maintaining relationships with your existing contacts. Search any name, and if that person is registered with KalamTime, you can send them a request and build a new connection.

Zero Limits with KalamTime

Embrace true freedom today by downloading KalamTime. 

Unlimited File Size

You can share files of unlimited sizes with your contacts. Record and send videos and audio messages of indefinite length.

No Limit on the Number of Participants on Calls

The days of lousy group call experiences are behind you, thanks to the KalamTime. It helps you experience top-notch group calls with no limit on the number of participants on calls without compromising on quality.

Complete Privacy Control

KalamTime puts the power back in your hands. You have complete privacy control, and you can hide your phone number, email, online status, and profile picture, and even stop your profile from showing up in the search results.

Multi-Device Functionality

How frustrating is it when you try to send instant messages on your laptop or tablet, but you cannot because your phone isn’t connected to the internet, or you’re not willing to go through the hassle of “pairing” multiple systems?

KalamTime feels your pain and understands what it feels like not to have multi-device functionality. With KalamTime, you get a platform that’s synchronized but also works independently on all of your devices.


Making free calls in UAE without a VPN is now possible thanks to this app. It makes communication easy and cost-effective, allowing you to stay connected with loved ones abroad while paying nothing extra. With its simple setup process, intuitive interface, and high-quality audio/video calling features, this app is the perfect way to make free voice or video calls in the UAE. Give it a try today, and make free international calls immediately!