How to Make Android Phone Faster | Expert Tips for Every User


Are you an android user and sick of the issues of the hanging of your phone? You are stuck on a very important task you open up the device and see that the phone is hung. You are waiting to set it back and it is taking a lot of time. This is the most common and irritating problem faced by android users. Lazy and turtle speed connection is what annoys them most. In the 21st century world is running with the speed of light, why are you facing the issue of slow android device. You bought the android device with the expectations of high speed and marvelous performance. But the user should be aware of certain things that can affect negatively the performance or slow down the speed of a device. Users must be aware of the guideline to maintain the performance of the android device.

Your new android device works efficiently and opens up all the apps and device’s system very fast. But you feel that your phone is slowing down and you are not aware what has happened. Your happiness of having a new phone turns into vain. It is so annoying that you buy an expensive phone with wonderful features but after a couple of months the device slows down and starts to hang.  As android users know very well how important it is to keep the system properly functioning to prevent it from losing performance. Learn how to make the android device faster by using different techniques. These techniques will help to enhance the performance of the android device. Experts have given various tricks to speed up your android device. By following these tips by experts you can improve the performance of your android device. Let’s discuss how to make android phone faster.

Install Lightweight Editions of Apps

When a person buys a phone he is aware of the properties of their device. If a user knows he has a low space in the device and more apps to install.  So, how to make the android phone run faster? Users should tend to use apps that take less storage. Mostly every app has made its lighter versions with almost all available features. By installing lighter editions of the apps, the phone’s storage will be less occupied. If the apps installed in the device are consuming less storage in the device. The device will work more efficiently, there will be less chance that it will hang. Installing lightweight versions of the applications will help to increase the performance of the device. These lite versions of apps work as the best remedy for the low budget and storage devices.

Uninstall the Apps That Are Not Used

Sometimes user gets attracted to the app and instantly installs it from play store. Installation of so many apps in the device is the cause of the slowing down of the android device. Then how to make an android phone run faster? The apps that you don’t use much and still are installed in your device are usually the source of taking space and potentially eat into system resources. Phones have a good amount of storage but RAM is always limited. So when you don’t use the app, it may be running in the background filling up RAM. It affects the android phone and it turns to make your phone slower. So make some time from your busy routine and take a look at the installed apps on your device. Uninstall all the less used apps, thus an android user should not keep installing the apps that are less likely to use or not used in their devices.

Don’t Use Live Wallpapers and Animations

Live wallpapers and animations are very intriguing and colorful. They attract the users and force them to install and use the phone. But one thing is for sure, that these animations and alive wallpapers keep the device in a working state. It keeps on going the processor in the background and to work. It is better to change your live wallpaper into a static image or other wallpaper of your choice. It is true that animation gives the polished look to the device and makes the user feel a high-quality look. But these animations and live wallpapers let the processor of the android device working. This way the battery keeps on draining and the system keeps on hanging because of continuous working at the end. So this also answers the question of how to speed up my phone? Install less live wallpapers and minimize the use of animations.

Clear Cache from the Device

The cache is like garbage that keeps on producing by the usage of all apps. All apps have an amount of cache which is produced them. This cache needs to be clear as they occupy so much space in the android device. To make your android phone work faster, the user should keep an eye on the cache of the app. They should clear the cache from time to time to maintain the performance of the android device. To recheck go to the settings of the device and check the amount of space each app is using. When the cache data will be removed from the device, it will help to maximize the space in the device. In this way, the android device will work efficiently and will not be hung. It smoothes the efficiency of the device as it removes old data, and makes space for upcoming new data. In a nutshell, clearing cache is always a good idea for an android device user.

Keep a Check on Apps Running in the Background

Sometimes a user is unaware that how much an app will fill the storage after installation. Users keep on installing the apps from unknown sources and have no idea about the settings. This way the phone keeps on slowing down so the users ask how to speed up the android phone? How to make android phone faster? Some apps keep on running in the background even if you have shut the app. In this way, the apps remain in the process and the battery of the device keeps on draining. If you keep a check on the apps running in the background you will see a prominent difference in the performance of the device. It will also save the battery from draining. The android device will have better battery life and secondly, it will enhance the speed of the android phone.

Optimize the Phone’s Battery

You bought a new phone it works very efficiently and has very good battery life. But after a certain time, you feel a noticeable change in the phone’s battery. Your battery keeps on draining and the battery timing of your android device is changed. Even your phone starts to hang up at times. You are doing an important task your android device gives you a sensation of increased temperature. You are worried and don’t know what to do? Then you go through an idea of optimizing your phone’s battery?  Apps in the background keep on using the battery and acquiring space. By optimizing your phone’s battery you will see a change in the performance of your android device. It will optimize the device’s battery and enhance the speed of the phone.

Format SD Card

Android users have the option to insert an SD Card to increase the space in the mobile phone. So mostly android users use an SD card in their android device. They use to save their data on the SD card which can be troublesome sometimes. This can affect the speed and performance of the android device. This will be a key to answer how to make android phone faster? Formatting an SD Card can also be the solution to the crashing apps and slowing down of your android device. If your phone is slowed down and not working properly, format your SD card, it will clear up the junk of the files in your device. Sometimes you are not aware of the cache produced by the apps and data present in the phone. Formatting the data of the SD Card can bring peace to the slowed-down android device. An android user should keep this solution in mind for the maintained performance. 

Keep Device Up to Date

It is important to stay up to date and keep your device up to date as well. When you are an android user make sure the apps you install on the device stay updated. Keep on checking the upcoming updates and updated versions of the installed apps on your device. This helps to answer users, the inquiries related to how to speed up android device? How to make android phone faster? These updates help to remove the bugs and errors from the application. Many app updates additionally carry performance improvements in them, lowering the size of the app or carry memory upgrades which reinforces the overall performance of the smartphone. The latest app updates contain all the fixes of the bugs popping up in the device. So it is important to keep your device updated for the maintenance of the speed in the smartphone. It helps to optimize the speed and removes the bugs that make the phone hang.

Minimize Widgets on the Home Screen

Widgets are always very attractive for android users. A user may be attracted by the widgets given in the device. They put these widgets on the home screen so they don’t need to spend a minute to see it from the device. Widgets usually don’t consume a lot of resources, and there is not much pressure on the processor. But there is possibly a chance that an older widget is a cause of hanging up your device in the background. So if your phone is slower than usual, consider removing older widgets. It will also become a part to answer the question ‘how to make a phone faster?

Turn Off Unused Services of the Phone

It is not necessary to keep on the services which you are not using. Turning off services that you are not using will allow you to extend your phone’s battery life. This tip helps to guide users with issue ‘how to make android phone faster?’ The maintenance of the performance will not be of your desire at the start but gradually it will start to make a good ratio of performance. It is advisable by the experts of the users not to turn on the services which you are not using. Keep the location, Bluetooth, radios, and music turn off at times when not needed. It will not affect the work you are doing on the device. Turn on the service only when needed, suppose you need to go somewhere so you have to turn on the location to reach there. When there will be less pressure on the system it will give you the best results. The performance will be maximized this way.

Check the Weightage of the App before Installing

Scrolling through the app store, and suddenly you see a colorful app. User start to install it on the device without thinking much. Do you think it is a good idea to install an app from an unknown source? No, it is never a good idea. Hold on and before installing an app on the android device. Take a 2-minute pause and take a glimpse at the features of the app. See how much space is left in your android device. Check before installing an app how much storage it is going to occupy in the device. Do you have enough space on the device to download any app? If it answers all the questions positively. Then go and download the app, but make sure always to check the weightage of the app before installing. Make it a habit of checking the weightage before installing the app if you are an android user and have limited space.

Restart the Device

Is your phone hung or screen is freeze? Do you want to solve the mystery of how to make an android phone faster? Try switching it on and off. Restarting the system can do miracles. Restarting the device is a technique that most computers and machines users used to help themselves through bad times. It is a simple formula that cleans up the temporary files in the system. It boosts up the system by cleaning up the phone’s memory. Restarting the device helps to solve all the basic issues coming up in the system. Users always consider the option of restarting as a problem solver in the android device. It clears up the cache and you will instantly feel the boost in the device.

Data Saving Mode

Data saving mode is available on every android device. When a user enables a data saving mode, it helps to minimize the data usage and fastens the speed of the device. It is true that after enabling data saving mode on user has to compromise on few features such as the quality of the images, videos, and some other graphics. Data saving mode is very helpful in maintaining the performance of the device. Enabling the data saving mode helps to minimize the functions of the device. Less pressure is built upon the processor, this way it starts to work efficiently. The speed of the device is not affected and the performance of the android device is maintained.

Keep Your Data in the Cloud

The facility of putting your important data in the cloud is available. The cloud is in every user’s access, they can simply an account and start to use it. Saving data is a new trend nowadays. Most android users mostly do this. Because they know internal storage plays a significant role in the performance of their android devices. Most of the users keep on asking the experts how to make android phone faster? According to this tip the user can keep the personal data in the cloud and frees the space of their android. This way the user clears the internal memory of their device and the users have complete access to the cloud. So whenever they need their data, they open up their cloud and start to save that file on any device. This technique helps android users to install the apps on their devices and use the cloud to save their data.

Factory Reset the Device

How to speed up my android phone? How to make android phone faster? When nothing is helping me out to fix the issue of the hanging of my device? Is resetting a good option? Sometimes it is necessary to use it when no other solution is maintaining the performance of the android device. If you think you are done with all the basic solutions for speeding up your android device. This is the last extreme step involved in the android phone to make it work faster. But the user should know resetting will remove all the data. User’s data could be important and may need it. Once the phone is reset all the data will be deleted automatically and will not be recovered. So a user should be well aware that resetting clears all the data of the device and also all the cache has vanished. It starts to work like the day you bought and started to use before installing all the apps.

The above tips are given to make Android phones run faster. These tips are so simple and very easy to perform. Once a user goes through these tips and experiments on their android device. They will see a clear difference in the performance and speed of your Android device.