Reasons; How Instant Messages Have Gained More Importance than Email


Instant messages allow users to communicate with one another conveniently. It is a type of online chat that makes the user feels the real-time mode of communication using text messages.  There is an increase in the number of users of instant messages apps in the world now because it has made the conversation very spontaneous and convenient. People are nowadays preferring instant messages instead of email because it has made communication immediately without waiting for the other user to see it, read it, and reply. It is a long process, but today’s life is very fast. So people prefer the method of fast communication that includes instant messages. There are numerous apps for instant messaging by which users can easily send and receive text messages instantly. Here in this article, we will discuss how the instant messages have taken place of the email.

The email was one of the most used methods of sending and receiving messages but now it is only used for limited purposes. Let’s discuss some reasons that how instant messages are more convenient for today’s people than email.


There was a time when communication was very difficult. Then after many struggles, the methods of communication were made. Still, there were many hurdles. People had to wait to convey their thoughts and meaning. Messaging was not instant if we compare the email here with instant messaging. Then Email is a lengthy process compared to instant messages. Once the message is sent, now the user has to wait for the other user to see it, read it, and reply by entering the email address and subject. But in the case of instant messages, they are very instant like their name. Once the user clicks on the ‘send button the message is sent. In no time it will be dropped instantly to the person to whom you send the message. Without any hurdle, the message is sent very instantly. That’s why the instant messaging apps are more downloaded by people because it is a source of instant communication.


The best communication is the exchange of messages in the most convenient way. In this busiest and fastest life method of communication should also be the most rapid. Every user is in search of the easiest method of communication. Communication through instant messages is the method of communication in which the user does not need to go through multiple steps to exchange a single thought. But when we see the email, now the email is out of date. People are more likely to use instant messages as compare to email. Email is a slow-going process. It takes time to enter required information, goes through different series of steps, and then a single email is sent. It is not a hip hop rapid fast technique to send emails or messages. People are given different methods of communication i.e. fast and slow. So instead of the slow-going process of communication, people will choose the fast one that is instant messages.

Focus on Targeted Audience

The targeted audience is the people with whom you want to share the message or the content. Once you download any instant messages app you can be easy about many things that are occupying your precious time and energy. Instant messages enable its user to send and receive the message immediately. Even if the user wants to send a single message to many people, he/she can make a group and send them all at the moment. Moreover, it depends on the user how small or large they want to make a group. On the other hand, when it comes to email, the email is a limited version in the communication for the targeted audience. You have to write down the email addresses of each participant to whom you want to send a message. It is a very lengthy process that’s why people are lacking interest in the email and downloading and using more instant messages apps as it is more focused for the targeted audience.


Every user is searching for a secure and private source of communication. When it comes to security and privacy instant messages are a secure form of communication. Emails are not that secure as compare to instant messages. Sensitive information is always needed to be deleted when it is not needed because emails can be hacked. In the email, the message is sent from one server to the other which can be encrypted by other third parties. Some of the emails are secure by the end-to-end security but not all. In the instant messages service, there is mostly end-to-end security. So the communication done in the instant messaging app is secured with end-to-end encryption. That means third parties cannot encrypt the data and will not be able to see the conversation send and receive between the users. Thus instant messages with end-to-end encryption are secure.

Time saver

In this fast era of life, everyone is so busy. No one has a single second to waste on. Communication is an essential part of daily life. Friends, colleagues, peers, relatives, and even unknown people need a good medium to convey their message. Every person needs to convey their thoughts and ideas to the other person. It is the need of today’s life, lack of communication can lead to destructive results. Besides we need to save our time as well. If we keep the email for communication in the first place, we notice that it is very time taking. Sending and receiving emails is a very long process. On the other hand, if we use messages apps as a source of communication. We can conclude that it is very fast and saves our time. Thus people are more likely to use the fastest medium of communication.

Easy to Use

There are many ways of communication. Some sources of communication are simple and some are complex. People are more likely to use communication sources with the easiest process. Email and instant messages are the sources of communication. So we compare both these sources for rapid and convenient communication and try to find out what is best for communication. Internet is a slow-going process as we have to open up our email id first then we need to open up the chatbox. The next step is to write down the email of the user to whom you want to send the message, then the subject and at last you click on the ‘send button. Looking at the process of sending a message through instant messages, we can conclude that we don’t have to go through several steps. We just need to have an instant messages app on the device.

Higher Conversation Rate

Every common person has downloaded an instant messaging app on their device. There is a reason for it, Instant messages work like magic. Here you click on the ‘send button and there the message is sent to the other person. This is the reason people are more intrigued by messaging apps. They enable its use for rapid communication. The user does not need to follow a long process. It is a simple one-step away process of communication. Messages sent via the instant messaging app are read in no time, without leading to a long series of steps. That’s why these communication apps have a higher conversation rate. Instant messages are trustworthy, people trust them. And on the other hand, because so many people have downloaded it on their devices, it also enhances people’s trust in it.


Here in this article, the facts are discussed that how the instant messages have taken place of the email. We compared to email and instant messages pros and cons according to today’s world. Once the email was the king of communication but now people prefer instant messaging instead of email. Time has changed priorities and fast communication has taken place. Email is an old way of communication that is also a slow version. For little daily life routine or small tasks cannot be assigned through an email. As no one has time to go through the long process of sending an email. Instant messages are easy to use, very convenient, and highly downloaded app with the highest conversation rate. Today most used way of communication (email) is not that important anymore. That is why people have moved to instant messages from email. Instant messages are preferred now as compared to email.