Video Calls Have Become an Essential Part of Business Activities


Video calling is not something new in this generation. Video calls have a long history for their development. But the trend of video calling has increased over the last 10-15 years. Businesses have taken vast advantage of video calling applications. Video calling helps in every business process. Either it is project management or communicating with employees. With the advancement of technology, video calling has become common. This has given a sense of freedom to professionals. They can chat; communicate with their delegates without any hustle.

History of Video Calling:

Video calls have a long history of 50 years. A Picturephone was released in 1964 by Bell Labs. (The company is now known as AT&T). It was such a new thing that also got introduced to the New York World’s Fair. The phone got a lot of attention and hype. The device allowed the users to see the other person while speaking to them through the Picturephone. A new kind of technology was introduced. The handset was praised and admired by many. But due to its expense, many could not afford it.

The technology was not easy to use for business back then. However, In 2000s, high-end signals were started to be used for teleconferencing. Those high-quality signals made video calling easier. It felt like the persons are talking face to face.

Wonders of Teleconferencing:

The biggest advantage of teleconferencing is that one does not have to travel for a meeting. Video calling apps have made it easier to stay in one place and attend meeting virtually. Some management executives still hold the idea that it is better to meet face to face. But who can deny the benefits of online conferencing? There are several ways through which businesses become more interactive through communications apps.

Reduced Business Costs

Another advantage of video conferencing is the reduction in unnecessary costs. A meeting can be scheduled within minutes now. This all because of online video calling. Numerous employees can communicate at one time. It will help in reducing travel costs for the business knows as traveling allowance.

Improving Company Relationships:

Some things are miscommunicated when talking on voice calls. The other person is not able to see your body language, posture, and facial expressions, etc. Presenting a meeting without visuals might feel incomplete. A sense of involvement is developed through teleconferencing. It connects the team even when they are not physically present.

Video calling also helps in improving attendance. Many employees, who would have planned to take a few days leave from work, might find it convenient to attend online meetings.

Record Keeping and Productivity:

One can also record meetings and go through them later. It becomes easier to keep a record through videos. Miscommunication can be avoided. Productivity can be improved because of video calls. Instead of emailing a client, and then waiting for a reply. One can quickly video chat with them. This will save time and energy. Employee satisfaction is also increased because of online video chats. They will find this flexibility more suitable for them. 

Bringing in More People:

You can add as many employees as you want in video calls. Having a large number of employees in one physical room could create chaos. So, online conferencing benefits the business with this as well.  More employees can take part in the meetings. Also, everyone will have a chance to participate.

Quick and Improved Decision Making:

Communicating at any time without any difficulty, decisions can be made quickly. Several problems could be solved in minutes. Some situations require urgent decisions. It is not always possible to call up a physical meeting in minutes. Whereas, Video conferencing could be set up in just minutes. Businesses can reach to a conclusion within minutes then. Efficient and effective decision making is achieved through this technique.

The only hurdle in video calling could be a bad internet connection. A slow internet connection can create obstacles. You should always avoid a low bandwidth connection.

In today’s world, almost everyone has internet access. Video calls are no more something new. It has become a trend with passing days. More and more businesses have started to use video conferencing as an essential technique. Video calling has broken the barriers of distance and made life easier.


Video calling has become a trend now. This trend is growing over the years. Businesses have benefitted from this mode of communication. Teleconferencing helps to increase productivity as well as efficiency. Breaking the barriers of distances and languages, video calling applications have made life more convenient. Numerous applications offer multilingual language functions. It is best to use teleconferencing to bring in more people at meetings. Reducing business costs, improving company relationships, and increasing employee satisfaction, video calling helps to achieve all of them.