How to make friends in a new city ?


Moving to a new city within your native country or going abroad will require you to step out of your comfort zone. In an unfamiliar mega-city you might want to find groups of people to socialize with and hangout on the weekends. One of the main challenges of traveling solo is that you may get lonesome in a new place and transient connections may drain you. Hence, making friends who are locals in the city you have just traveled to is one of the best ways to explore the area. It helps you learn the native language quicker, integrate into the culture more easily and adapt well. 

Best App To Make Friends In New City

Ways you can make new friends

Get to know your friends of friends

Once you start to socialize in a new place, you will get to know more people and the connection keeps on getting large. You can get the help of your existing friends in the city by asking them to refer you to other people they might know. Such as a part-time worker at the job you do or a fellow colleague at your office. You need to be active and let people know that you are looking for a group to socialize with. This means accepting invitations to brunches or movie nights. Organize your schedule if you are a college student or an adult with a job who has moved to a new city. This will help you set aside some time to spend with the friends you have made here. For instance if you want people to reach out to you, make good use of your social media. 

Build good relations with your neighbors 

You can make some of the greatest friends with people who live around you. Be courteous and helpful towards them for they might feel like family once you get closer. This will help you overcome the homesickness you feel when far away from your loved ones. Be accessible to your neighbors if they ever need your assistance and thank them on every kind gesture they show you. When moving to a new home, you will feel estranged from the community like a complete outsider. Being surrounded with strangers may lower your spirits and you might isolate yourself. At your new home host a casual get together or housewarming and invite the people living next to you. This way you get to hold conversations with people and learn about their interests. Perhaps, you might click with one of them and you turn out to be lifelong friends!

Get new pets

It can be a great help to get a dog. But if you feel that you don’t have enough time or resources to look out for a full-time pet at home, then just borrow it for some time. It is easily understandable that you might be exhausted with moving to a new city and all the workload. You wouldn’t want to exert too much energy in getting to know new people immediately, however this is the perfect time. If you get a dog then you have the added advantage of taking it out on walks and befriending other dog owners. These are some of the friendliest and most jolly people you will ever meet. You can get invited to afternoon teas or dog shows and parties. On the other hand you can just rent out a dog whenever you like. These are on websites where dog owners post time slots to walk their dogs. 

Be more social initially 

Although it may seem wearisome to start hanging out whilst you are trying to settle in a new job, home or class schedule. However, these few starting days will set the expectations you have regarding how to make friends in a new city. Say yes to plans such as visiting coffee shops, local museums, zoos or aquariums. For increased human interaction go to such public places and sightsee simultaneously. This will also allow you the time to be the perfect tourist in a new place. You will get to have a fresh start and relax from all the stressful unpacking and traveling you have just done. While you are at these places, be bold enough to start conversations with random people. This could be someone standing beside you, admiring a painting at an art gallery. Any one hangout can lead to so many future interactions and meetups that it is all worth it. 

Use KalamTime App

It is very convenient to find friends online through social networking apps like Instagram or Facebook. One such innovative instant messaging app is KalamTime where you get to make friends in a new city. Simultaneously it also helps you maintain your current relationships. There are no language or cultural barriers when you want a smooth communication with your new contacts. Through the real-time translation feature on KalamTime you can text or speak to your friends in their native language. This is because you get to translate whatever they type into your selected language that you are familiar with. Similarly, the app provides you a new experience in group calling. Here there is no limit to the total number of participants to whom you can speak at once within one conference call. You even have complete privacy due to end-to-end encryption. Hence, there is no need to worry about your personal information being misused. 

Take up a hobby

Be it joining photography classes or art workshops, you are definitely going to meet some creative people there. According to experts, new city comers should opt for art classes. These can be of any sort be it handcrafting, painting, pottery, photography, creative writing, music or even martial arts. The members there are generally more expressive and open to building new friendships. This is the first step to making friends, for instance when you take photography classes. You just need a good digital camera and to move out of your house to click good pictures of people and monuments. Sharing your photos and art works on social media will also help you find new people in the city who appreciate your talent.