How to make friends in your 30s?


Once you hit the age of 30 you will be surprised at how rare it is for you to find and make new friends. This is so unlike a three year old who instantly clicks with anyone his age and within seconds they are best friends! It is relatively easier for kids or young adults to make friends in comparison to older people. This is because adults don’t have the capacity to be vulnerable or more open to the idea of investing their time in new friendships. When you are in highschool, college or university you have the perfect time to get to know new people. Forge lifelong friendships, lose a lot of friends, learn the difference between who is genuine and who is fake. All these experiences are essential for how your personality molds to become what you are when you grow up. In this article we discuss the right way to make friends in your 30s.

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Some ways you can make friends in your 30s

Be open to invitations

For many adults their career, families and income become the priority. They don’t have enough time to spend on themselves, their leisures or social life. This is when they need to move to a new city to provide better education opportunities to their children or if they get a transfer at their workplace. They leave behind their old friends and soon lose all contact with them. Adults usually are not very active on social media and use their smartphones way less than teenagers. This is why maintaining long-distance friendships may seem wearisome to them. Hence, healthy social connections require constant effort and connection. Learn to clear up your schedule and make “yes” as your default response to any invitation. If you are shouldering a lot of responsibilities you definitely don’t need to stay for the entire event. Visit for an hour or two which is better than not going at all.  

Go back to your old friends

As much as making new friends sounds exciting you might not meet the same kind of people twice. The ones who shared your likes and dislikes, those you spent most of your childhood growing up. Maybe you drifted apart due to geographical distances or got busy with your jobs and routines. Occasionally a picture of them might pop up in your phone and you are reminded of the bond you once had with that other person. Reconnecting with an old friend will help you relive your past happy memories and adventures. This can also help you connect with the older version of you before you were overburdened with adulthood and schedules. Reach out to this old friend over social media such as Instagram or Facebook. Just send them a text if you feel calling or asking them to meetup would be rather spontaneous and awkward. Follow up on their recent posts and try to spark conversations whenever you can. 

Try a sport/work out

Engaging in any physical activity is reported to increase your emotional wellbeing and expands your social circle. There are many recreational leagues that coach different age groups like those over 30. People get a sense of belonging when they are part of a similar community. People participate in these not to be fully athletic but to have a sense of purpose and refresh their minds amidst their packed routines. Other ways to strengthen your friendship are to play group games like pick a number game, cards, etc. There are many opportunities to socialize even outside training sessions such as grabbing a drink or post-workout meal together. If you join a gym then try to opt for joint classes involving high-intensity training like kickboxing or something calming like pilates. Try not to wear headphones while working out. This will make you more approachable and people will feel more welcomed to hold conversations with you. Then you can also try complimenting someone for their smart gym fit or on the progress they have made thus far in the gym. 

Connect with other parents

If you are married and have children, then you must be accompanying them to parent teacher meetings, school events and training sessions. This will help you meet the parents of other children whom your child has befriended. Having children in the same school will give you lots of common topics to discuss. Such as the teachers, curriculum, school environment and academics etc. While you pick and drop your child at the school gate you will meet lots of people who are doing the same. Initiate conversations with them and you can even start carpooling. This is a great way to become friends with other parents when you drop their child back home. This can lead to teatime or after school lunches at their place. If you have younger kids such as those in nursery and you take them to playdates. This can be a great way to meet other moms and talk about the most general things. This is the right way to make new friends in your 30s.

Get tech savvy

In this digitalized world it is easier to make some time for people you don’t get to see everyday due to different locations and time zones. Social media apps like Nextdoor will help you make new friends in your 30s especially if you have moved into a new neighborhood. There are so many other things you can do on this app such as organizing a virtual yard sale. This is so you can sell household items to your neighbors. Meetup is another app that helps you plan to get togethers with people you have always wanted to meet in person. You can discuss your hobbies and meet at bookshops, cooking classes or gardening workshops. It is very easy and free to make a meetup account and soon as you log in you are asked about your current interests. Then you will learn about the many meetups that are happening in your city of residence.  

Get friendly with your colleagues

In break times, coffee breaks or beside the watercooler try to say hello to your coworkers. Show a genuine interest in the people you work with and talk about their personal lives if they are willing to share. Learn about their family, background, hobbies, pets or if they have any children.