Text Conversion Tool Best App With This Feature


What are text conversion tools?

Generally a set of text formatting tools is made available for users online on websites or on apps. These may be mathematical, encryption or language based and phonetic. These tools are useful for people who work on computers but don’t have access to English keyboards. Simultaneously people might be working with text editing programs that they are not fully familiar with. Some of these popular text conversion tool include Area or Weight unit conversion. Head to Text converter, Morse code translator or BMI calculator.

The Morse code translator is a fantastic tool for converting text into Morse code and vice versa.
The best website for this feature offers a user-friendly interface and accurate translations.

Apart from these there are free text-to-speech softwares. Here text or any written message is converted into audio files which are very convenient for you to listen to anytime. For instance you want to listen to a document while you are traveling or even multitasking. If you have a job that always keeps you on your feet, you might not get the time to review important files prior to a meeting. 

Thus, you can just understand the gist of the material by listening to it while on the go. There are other advantages as well such as double-checking a paper you might have written. Listening to what is written while going over the words helps you identify any errors easily. If you are a better auditory learner then listening to a lecture or audio textbook will enable you to memorize well.

Similarly there are numerous real life benefits of text conversion tools for instance someone who is visually impaired can understand texts when he listens to their audios. A dyslexic person may have difficulty reading from a screen so to prevent any hurdle to his education, learning through listening is a solution. The audio version of the finished file can also be downloaded on your smartphone. This means you can listen to the document even if you have to leave your office and do other tasks.  

KalamTime’s feature

This instant message app offers collective features within one spot. This means you get to join multi video and voice calls as well as group messaging. You get to send texts, audio messages, documents, locations or contacts all within safe measures. The end-to-end encryption offered here is useful in preventing third party or hackers from gaining hold of your personal data.

One of the most prominent features at KalamTime is the text to audio conversion. This text conversion tool helps you listen to text messages. Moreover, audio messages can also be converted into text as the process works the other way round as well. This makes it easier for you to share the output with as many people as possible. What’s more you can type out the texts and they will automatically be converted into audio. People can come close together from around the world and there will be smoother communication. 

Other text-to-speech conversion softwares

Natural Reader

This free text conversion tool operates in a variety of ways. Foremostly you can load all the documents into Natural Reader’s library. You can read the files aloud from this point. Moreover, this is a very good way to manage large numbers of files such as those in ebook formats. The OCR is available too which enables you to scan a picture of a text or upload a photo from where text will be read aloud. Additionally a second method can be used. Here a toolbar will allow you to highlight text anywhere in the application. Then the tools will help you start and customize the text-to-speech feature. It can be used in a web browser, web processor and much more of such programs. The browser that is already installed will also aid you in converting the web content into speech more conveniently. 


This is a toolbar add on for Word which means it includes free text-to-speech conversion on Microsoft Word. All editions of Word use this and you can access it through the toolbar or ribbon. The toolbar is basically designed by a child so it may not seem very appealing. Some of the functions of the features available here may also not be very clear. Nevertheless there is a handbook present that guides you through. The built in ability to read out words, sentences or paragraphs is particularly useful. You get to save narrations as well as test some keyboard hacks. These shortcuts will allow easy access to frequently used options. Its operating system is Windows. It incorporates Microsoft Word and has customizable voices. You also get hold of a speaking dictionary. 


This is the text-to-speech reader. With this text conversion tool you can easily convert text from websites into audio. The many file formats can be open up in the program. You can share or even copy and paste the text. Just make sure the program is always running in the background. Similarly, Zabaware will read aloud any text that you copy on clipboard. You not only convert words from websites into speech but also the pop up dialogue boxes. Text files can also be convert to the WAV format. However, there is one limitation which is the choice of voices you want to opt for. Instead you only have a say in the volume and speed. If you want to alter the pronunciations then you have to spend time checking out the settings option. Some extra voices may be available but they are for a charge such as US $25. 

Panopreter Basic

This software will receive either plain or rich texts, web pages and Microsoft Word documents as input. They will process and output sounds in both WAV and MP3 format. These two files will be save in the same place and in the exact same name. If you spend time exploring the settings then you will be able to change language, the interface colors and also the point where the audio files can be saved. Very unlike other apps but the software can also play music at the end once it has completed the conversion. The Panopreter premium version will offer toolbars for Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer.